Mary Catherine Hamelin, LM

I am a Florida Licensed Midwife, and graduate of Commonsense Childbirth School of Midwifery. My background is in the arts, the creative exploration of the human experience, and I found my greatest inspiration in motherhood. I was born in Florida and grew up climbing orange trees and catching sandfleas. A deep connection with nature weaves through the work I do as a mother and midwife.

Since 2009 I have supported hundreds of birthing families as both a doula and midwife, in diverse communities and various birth settings in both New York City and Florida. I began studying midwifery in 2015, and have been serving The Birth Center of St. Pete as a Florida Licensed Midwife since 2018. I am also a Certified Lactation Counselor (CLC) providing in-home breastfeeding support. I am passionate about increasing access and approachability to holistic care during the childbearing year, and look forward to serving the Greater Tampa Area with home-visiting community midwifery. In my off time I can be found enjoying the outdoors, gardening, running, arts & crafts, cooking, and being with my family.

My practice centers the needs of each individual family, recognizing that your history, your culture, your beliefs and hopes play an integral role in your birth experience. I believe in the nature of birth and parenting, the strength of all families, and the value of strong support during the awesome transition to new parenthood. I hold close to my heart that a family will always remember the way they were made to feel during their birth and new parenting experience, however it unfolds.

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