Good Words from Families




"Mary Catherine was a complete blessing for us. She is nurturing, intuitive, confident, and strong. She had exactly the right instinct at every stage, and could anticipate what would help me at a given time without me having to verbalize it. I had a long, slow marathon of back labor, and she never tired even though coaching me was physical work. She was always prepared, one step ahead of me, and remarkably focussed. I was dumbfounded by her freshness and her smile after a 30-hour haul!

I will always treasure the connection I felt when I needed Mary Catherine and she was there to catch me. She kept us balanced, calm and safe. She helped my husband know what to expect, kept me grounded, and guided me through my plan and its changes without judgment. A doula's time in your life is relatively short in the long run, but Mary Catherine will be among my guardian angels and dearest companions for the rest of my days."

-Theo's Mother

"Mary Catherine was an indispensable part of Elliot's birth. I don’t think I could’ve gone through labor without her—or I’m certainly glad I didn’t have to! Of all the decisions made during pregnancy, my husband and I are convinced that choosing Mary Catherine to help bring our child into this world was the wisest. This work is truly her calling.

Labor was not as expected—I had hoped to have a natural childbirth and in the end needed pitocin to get things going nearly twenty-four hours after my water broke. I feel certain that having Mary Catherine there to guide me through every contraction allowed me to avoid an epidural or any other further intervention. Her calming and active support enabled me to be wholly present for the birth of my son. This powerful experience, which she helped create, will be a touchstone for all of us as we embark on our life as a family."

-Elliot's Mother

"You were an absolute perfect partner for me to have during labor. I was so thankful that you were there alongside me, and your emotional reactions and understanding were exactly what I needed during that time. Just a quick look over to you to see your smile was enough for me to know and feel confident that everything was going well."  

 -Penelope's Father

"The decision to work with Mary Catherine as our doula was one of the easiest and smartest decisions we have ever made--not just during my pregnancy, I mean in our lives. To truly convey how awesome she was would take far more than the 2000 max characters we are allowed here. I had a long painful labor and I owe the fact that I was able to endure without pain meds was because she was there working her ass off for us. My midwives said they had never seen such a wonderful and talented doula. I have no doubt that there was no fluff in their compliments. I look forward to the day I can tell my son about his birth story, and I am so fortunate Mary Catherine was there; I know without her specifically, we would not have such a beautiful story to cherish and share. "

-Oliver's Mother